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Untitled Document General Terms & Conditions for IPBW Services

General Terms and Conditions of Maxnet Online IP Bandwidth Services

  • The service is provisioned as per BTRC IIG license terms & conditions and which will also be applicable to the service users. Service users must confirm the directions, instructions, and regulations imposed by the BTRC, LEA, and other Government authorities.
  • The service is provided from MAXNET POPs (refer to www.maxnetiig.com for POP locations). The Customer will connect to MAXNET POP at their own responsibility and cost & will have to maintain the same. MAXNET will facilitate and provide connection port.
  • Without issuing any prior notice, Maxnet reserves the right to terminate customer's service if there is any voice traffic through IIG, and the penalties enacted by the relevant authorities must be borne by the customers.
  • The service will be provisioned only after receipt of duly executed Service Order Form, payment deposited in the Maxnet account as per published tariff and SLA executed by the client. The user shall ensure payment of one time Installation cost (OTC), MRC for one month in advance with 15% VAT (VAT applicable on MRC & OTC) and a Security Deposit (SD) equivalent to one month's Monthly Recurring Cost (MRC).
  • The service order period (commitment period) is for the period of twelve months from the date of service activation. The service cannot be discontinued during commitment period. SD will be retained during this period and OTC is not refundable. Once commitment period is expired then the Service Order will be automatically renewed for next commitment period of twelve months with standard Maxnet terms and conditions unless otherwise mutually agreed by both parties in writing.
  • Temporary suspension of service is not allowed. Customer will be liable to pay all charges for any temporary suspension of service by customer during contract period. Maxnet may suspend the service but in such cases customer will not be charged.
  • For Backhaul Service/Inland transmission cost will be additionally charged if applicable.
  • Termination of IP Bandwidth to PSTN, PLMN, IGW, ICX or any other telephone networks is not permitted.
  • The service offered and tariff imposed is without any backup or restoration service.
  • Maxnet shall have the right to apply monitoring facility over any service extended to customers.
  • Authorized Government law enforcing agencies will have the right to intercept the traffic/ data originated/ terminated at the ISP/IIG for the purpose of analysis and security.
  • Maxnet and the Customer shall not be entitled to assert any claim or compensation for any and all damages and losses including consequential damages and losses and shall indemnify each other for a period of thirty six months from the date of service provisioned.
  • Payment of MRC: Billing cycle shall commence from the 1st day of each billing month. MRC for the provisioned bandwidth shall be paid by the customer within 07 (seven) days before the commencement of each billing cycle. For any service commissioning/upgrade MRC, VAT and OTC shall be paid by the customer in advance. Maxnet reserves the right to discontinue the service without any prior notification for which Maxnet shall not be liable under the following circumstances:
    • If directed by BTRC or any other law enforcing authority or by any order of court
    • If customer fails to pay within schedule time mentioned above.
  • In case of service discontinuation, SD will be adjusted as applicable.
  • In case of service discontinuation, SD will be adjusted as applicable.

General Terms & Conditions for IPBW Services

    • Upgrade and Downgrade of Bandwidth: Customers are committed to ensure to use the same quantity of bandwidth minimum for 03 (three) months from the date of their service commission and for which they have executed the SOF (Service Order Form). In compliance of the above clause, customers may downgrade maximum 20% of their existing consumed bandwidth with a 30 (thirty) days, 30 (thirty) days and 90 (ninety) days prior notice respectively. For any conflicting terms with BTRC policies; the guideline, policy, directive of BTRC shall be enforced. Maxnet reserves the right to add, delete and modify any other condition(s), as and when necessary.

Please download the General Terms & Conditions Form here